Pixplorer API 2.0 has been released

- The size parameter is now in beta ?size=l. Options are l (large), m (medium), s (small) or tb (thumbnail). tb is the default if not provided. Work is still being done to optomise response.

- The old route /getimage has been turned off. Please migrate to the new query parameter endpoint as below.

Pixplorer Image API 2.0
Query: api.pixplorer.co.uk/image?word=doge&amount=5&size=tb

Pixplorer API is completely free but feel free to donate to keep things running

Get Image

Hit the endpoint /image with query param ?word=something. Like /image?word=cat. This will return a nice cat image.

The API can also handle multiple words. For example /image?word=army+truck.

And if you really love your cat pictures you can request up to 20 images. /image?word=cat&amount=5

Get Random Image

Feeling lucky? Hit the endpoint /image with no params...who knows what you will get.

You can still request an amount with ?amount=10 if you want more than one random image

Handle Response


{ "images": [ { "imageurl": "http://an.img.url", "word": "eggs bacon" } ], "status": "success", "count": ​1 }

CORS Enabled

You can access this API cross domain with ease

Built by Dai